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About Kentatsu

About Kentatsu

KENTATSU - the world-famous Japanese company, whose history goes back more than 100 years. Since its inception, the company focused on the manufacture of electrical equipment of high quality. Later KENTATSU began to develop other areas: heavy machinery, medical equipment, a variety of household appliances. Despite this, the climatic equipment (air conditioning) are the flagship product of the company.

In the production of all equipment company KENTATSU makes clear his philosophy - to eliminate all unnecessary features in technology and concentrate on the most key, realize their highly professional. The quality of air conditioners KENTATSU leaves no compromises. Over the years, the company developed KENTATSU basic principles:

The company also developed a revolutionary "cycle KENTATSU", eliminates low-quality products. This cycle provides a multi-stage system of checking all the details at every stage of production, as well as regular introduction of innovative technologies and developments in this process. The design team KENTATSU creates an attractive appearance of products which fits in perfectly with any room décor - from the classic to the contemporary.

InfoTel company is ready to offer you different models of equipment KENTATSU, which is designed for cooling technological and production areas. Here you can not only buy air-conditioning, but also order its delivery and installation in the short term, in addition, we provide regular servicing of all installed air conditioners.

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