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IP telephony from Wildix company

IP telephony from Wildix company

Wildix - an international company specializing in the development of solutions in the field of IP-telephony and unified communications. Headquartered in Italy, the company also has offices in France and Germany. The Development Center of the company is located in Ukraine, Odessa. Products and solutions Wildix presented in the markets of Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, Bulgaria and Romania through a network of certified business partners. In Ukraine, the solutions of IP telephony by Wildix presents InfoTel company (Kyiv).

Today Wildix offers a complete package of equipment for the implementation of the VoIP phone system in the enterprise, including IP-PBX, phones VoIP (SIP), a full range of media gateways, Wi-Fi systems and VoIP DECT. Wildix system ensures high availability of voice services and unified communications. These IP-PBX can be scaled from 8 to 5000 ports. Wildix system is very user friendly, easy to scale and adapt to the needs of companies of any size and scope of activities. At the same time, there may be like a physical setting IP-PBX in the client's office, or in a virtual machine, or in the "cloud." Solutions Wildix oriented on corporate customers, and the Internet service providers and telecom operators.

System IP-telephony Wildix provides information about the activity and the availability of all the users in real-time and combines modern facilities of communication, including clickto-call, corporate chat, fax and SMS, video conferencing, file sharing, desktop sharing, and much more.

Official Website: http://www.wildix.com

In Ukraine, the products and solutions of ip telephony by Wildix presents InfoTel company (Kyiv).

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