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Corporation «AMP NETCONNECT» is a global manufacturer of electronic components and power systems with an annual turnover of 12.1 billion US dollars, developing and supplying with more than 500,000 kinds of products, which are used in almost all aspects of our lives.

The company has about 100,000 employees, which has partnered with customers in virtually all industries, from consumer electronics, energy and healthcare, to automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications systems, while providing a more intelligent, fast and advanced technology for all kinds of compounds and connections.

«AMP NETCONNECT» (TE Connectivity) - one of the world's largest manufacturers of passive equipment for structured cabling systems (SCS) products under the brand names the AMP NETCONNECT and the Krone TrueNet.


The corporation unites more than 40 major companies producing electrical, electronic and optical connectors and cables for various industries. TE Connectivity Corp. consolidated its scientific, industrial and other resources supports TE Connectivity / Enterprise Network, providing the stability and efficiency of its business.

The presence in the production program TE Connectivity / Enterprise Network, like cables and connectors provides full compatibility of all components of the SCS and guaranteed performance for a long service life.

All production facilities TE Connectivity / Enterprise Network are certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, and their products meet all the requirements of the International (ISO 11801), European (EN 50173) and American (TIA / EIA 568B) standard SCS.

Official Website: http://www.te.com/en/home.html

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