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LED-lighting Infotel

"InfoTel" company offers you exclusive series of LED lamps from the Ukrainian production.

Through an integrated approach to the design of lighting products, each LED lamp has an aluminum body with unique features and modern LED matrix on an aluminum substrate of leading manufacturers, the quality and effectiveness of products is not inferior to the best world brands.

All our LED lamps are equipped with power supplies with protection from voltage drop up to 420V with the function of "Self-healing".

All the lamps of our own production are provided with a guarantee of 5 years. SEE CATALOG.

Through quality power supply, stabilizing the brightness in the range of 100 to 240 volts and will not allow the burning lamp dim or flicker when voltage drops in the network.

The laconic and simple design luminaire pleasing to the eye, thanks to high-quality materials, it is pleasant to hold the lamp in the hand.

Reliability, quality, reasonable cost, and positive feedback from partners maintain high-level professionals, and its own production, experimental research unit with the testing laboratory and experimental production models LED lamps.

Value and quality allow safely say that you will hardly find a similar quality lighting at a lower price.

The quality of our products you can be sure, just hold it in your hands.

The company's goals - providing Ukrainian consumers with high quality products - LED luminaires, the price and the effectiveness of which is relevant for our country.

At your request we carry out the calculation of illumination of your indoor and outdoor objects. And according to these calculations, we select the optimum number and type LED lamps.

Please contact us, we will select the best solution for you:

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Dmitry Lisak, head of lighting

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