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Alcatel-Lucent won the award in China!

Alcatel-Lucent won the award in China!

Innovative solution by Alcatel-Lucent for the hospitality industry today are working successfully all over the world. Communication system Alcatel-Lucent Hospitality fully focused on the user, help optimize internal operations and provide guests with services of the highest class.

Late last year, special attention to the Alcatel-Lucent Hospitality been observed in Asia. In one of the categories of the annual awarding international companies in the Asia-Pacific region - 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards, won Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. The company was recognized as the best in providing innovative communications services and solutions and recognized for its contribution to the expansion and improvement of market of Hospitality (systems for the hospitality industry) in China.

In addition to direct sales of its systems and expanding partner channel, the team of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise spent a lot of educational events aimed to improve the principles and methods of selection of optimal solutions to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. All of these efforts, as it have been noted during the awarding, the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards, contribute to the growth of the tourism industry in China.

Modern a traveling man puts high demands to the level of service and comfort in a hotel, he will not satisfied with a complimentary breakfast, he needs also WiFi and other "digital convenience" at the hotel. To meet such demands, all the companies that provide services in the hospitality sector, adapting their strategies and technologies, taking into account the integration into the process all of the possibilities of modern communications.

Solutions Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise are designed to combine into a one system all the needs of a modern hotel: telephony, unified communications, mobile applications, «eConceirge», wired and wireless infrastructure, "cloud", and much more.

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