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The new sales strategy by Platan!


Company InfoTel Group is pleased to announce the news of the the revision the sales strategy by our partner  Platan Sp. z o.o. on the Ukrainian market in 2016. InfoTell Group exclusively represents products and solutions Platan Sp. z o.o. in the domestic telecommunications market over the past few years.

In 2016, realizing the difficult situation for the customer's business in Ukraine, the company Platan adopted a new strategy to promote their products in our country. Through this communication solutions Platan will become one of the most affordable and flexible among products of this kind.

Everyone knows, that when buying a PBX or similar solutions for the communications, enterprise managers pay attention to price, popularity in the market, the manufacturer's warranty, professional services, flexible expansion and overall functionality of the equipment. On the bases of these criteria, there have been changes in the new strategy.

Pay attention to the Booklet, which will help you choose a solution suitable to you or your customer.

On the first page is a list of the main functions of a modern PBX, which are implemented in decisions Platan. Right there given the special features unique to the equipment Platan, such as built-in IVR, CLIP on all ports, built-in conferencing, voice recording, and others.

On the second sheet is a table corresponding to the maximum capacity PBX Platan size and scope of business of the customer.

Official website: http://www.platan.eu/

For qualified consultation on products Platan please contact our office:

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e-mail: georg@infotel.ua

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