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About Konftel

About Konftel

Konftel company since 1988 and is a leader specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality audio equipment for conference calls. The company is headquartered in Sweden.

In the line of the company presents a variety of solutions to organize a conference call:

The Konftel phones used the original patented technology OmniSound®, allows for high-definition transmission and reproduction of speech. Perfect clarity allows the use of advanced algorithms for echo and noise reduction.

Conference phones Konftel production sold worldwide. The main consumer of the equipment is in Europe and the CIS countries and Asia.

OmniSound® technology and OmniSound® 2.0

The patented OmniSound® HD audio technology ensures high quality transmission of crystal-clear sound in both directions, allowing you to effectively participate in virtual meetings. This is achieved due to the excellent speakers and microphone with hypersensitivity oriented 360 °. OmniSound® HD technology ensures transfer of high-definition audio during calls protocol VoIP. It has the following features: automatic echo cancellation and removal of distracting background noise and an equalizer allows you to customize various sound settings during intercourse. 

OmniSound® HD technology is used in all the Konftel 55, 2xx and 300x family and allows you to communicate while enjoying crystal-clear sound.

Technology OmniSound® 2.0 provides a full-duplex communication with optimum sonic performance, using an omni-directional microphone, three built-in speakers and an innovative noise reduction system.  In addition to OmniSound® 2.0 is implemented broadband voice with the band to 7 kHz (for calls via VoIP).

Official Website: http://www.konftel.com/

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