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STULZ GmbH company was founded in 1947 in Hamburg (Germany), it is currently the world leader in the manufacture of precision air conditioners and other HVAC equipment. The company has offices in many countries, has 14 subsidiaries and 7 factories (in Europe, USA, Italy, India and China). STULZ well organized network of partners selling and servicing the installed equipment.

Equipment STULZ successfully applied in Ukraine, demonstrating the failure-free operation in all climates and highest precision control, which controls the air temperature to the degree.

Industrial air conditioning from STULZ - is reliable and efficient German decision. Such equipment will help you to cost-effectively serve the large energy of floor space and fully control both the air temperature and humidity levels.

Industrial air conditioners STULZ cooling capacity is very high, at the same time, system modules are designed to save space. This air conditioner takes a minimum of space in your technological room, providing an average 38kVt cooling capacity per 1 m2.

STULZ precision air conditioners are modern HVAC equipment that combines innovative technology, unique design and the ability to develop individual selection of optimal variant configuration.

InfoTel company is ready to offer you different models of equipment Stultz, which are designed for cooling technology and production areas. Low noise STULZ precision air conditioners allows their use in residential areas. Here you can not only buy air-conditioning, but also order its delivery and installation in the short term, in addition, we provide regular servicing of all installed air conditioners.

Official Website: http://www.stulz.com/

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