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Schedule of courses 2020

  Communication systems of OpenScape Business, OpenScape 4000, Open Scape Enterprise Express and Open Scape Voice

 * Dates of courses may vary, in the case of completing groups in other time ranges. In addition, it is possible to conduct of outbound courses of the whole complex of all Unify equipment.


Download Course Schedule Unify for 2020.

№ п/пCourse codeCourse titleDates of the courseNamb. of days
1OBUBASISCSOpenScape Business-Basic Course20.01-24.01.20205
2OEEINSTSCSOpenScape Enterprise Express Installation and Provisioning03.02-07.02.20205
3OEEUCM1SCSOpenScape Enterprise Express UC and UM part 17.02-21.02.20205
4OEEOSV1SCSOpenScape Enterprise Express Voice, Branch and Concierge part02.03-06.03.20205
5OSVMAINSCSOpenScape Voice Maintenance for Service16.03-20.03.20205
6OSVINSTSCSOpenScape Voice Installation and Initial Operation 


7SOLADV1SCSOpenScape Solution Advanced 1 (Voice)


8OSBADV1SCSOpenScape Branch for Service20.04-24.04.20205
9SBCADV1SCSOpenScape Session Border Controller (SBC) for Service


10OS4BAS1SCS OpenScape 4000 - Basic course18.05-29.05.202010
11OS4ADV1SCS OpenScape 4000 - Advanced Course 08.06-19.06.202010
12OS4NETWSCSOpenScape 4000 - Basic Networking 


13OS4CDRESCSOpenScape 4000 - Call data recording06.07-09.07.20204
14OS4CMIESCSOpenScape 4000 - Cordless Solutions for Service 13.07-17.07.20205
15OS4CMIDUCSOpenScape 4000 - Cordless-solution delta course V3 to V7  20.07-22.07.20203
16OS4ENETSCSOpenScape 4000 - Realization of complex networks03.08-06.08.20204
17OS4MAD1SCSOpenScape 4000 Basic Administration17.08-21.08.20205
18OS4GENRSCSOpenScape 4000 Generation and First installation31.08-03.09.20204
19OS435EXSCSOpenScape 4000 HG35XX Expert Training14.09-18.09.20205
20OS4V7V6UCSOpenScape 4000 V8 including key V7/V6 Service Enhancements28.09-02.10.20205


Update course OpenScape 4000 V7R2 for Service



OS4VMBASCSVM-ware handling for OpenScape 40012.10-13.10.20202
23OBUBASISCSOpenScape Business-Basic Course26.10-30.10.20205
24OBUFTUCSCSFast Track for OpenScape business experts09.11-13.11.20205
25OBUCCADSCSOpenScape Business Contact Center16.11-18.11.20203
26OBUBIZSSCSOpenScape Business S in Data Center Basic Training23.11-26.11.20204
27OBUUCSUSCSOpenScape Business Unified Communication Suite30.11-02.12.20203
28OBUANETSCSOpenScape Business Voice- and UC-Networking Advanced07.12-09.12.20203
29OBUV2R7UCSUpdate course OpenScape Business V2R714.12-15.12.20202

* The training is conducted under the conditions of supply and the formation of study groups

Close cooperation with the Academy of professional training in Munich allows us to constantly update the content of courses and training materials on the process of introduction of the latest equipment


All questions regarding the Training Centre (based on company Infotel Group) can answer Melnichuk Vladimir, tel. +38 (044) 520 2030

To register for the courses, please, send e-mail to melnichuk@infotel.ua.

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Description of training Unify

Description of training Unify
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