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Audio/ Video conferencing

Audio conferencing is the most convenient method to organize meetings and negotiations that is becoming more popular. Firstly, persons invited to take part in negotiations can do it from any convenient place using either mobile or desk phone. Secondly, audio conference organizers can use the most advanced solutions, which will be discussed below.

Audio conferencing at a modern enterprise creates conditions for coordinated work of several offices and employees that are located at different places. Conducting meetings, consultations and training of employees of different departments considerably decreases time for decision making, as well as gives all parties concerned a possibility to enter an on-line discussion. And all this is possible thanks to the Audio conferencing solutions without additional costs and time.

Demand for audio conferencing in large, medium and small segments of business is associated with the recognition of a need for high-quality and convenient connection with strategic partners and customers notwithstanding their location.

InfoTel Group successfully implemented a series of audio conferencing projects with the application of systems and equipment of the following manufacturers:

Video conferencing is a telecommunication technology for interaction of two and more remote communicants, which allows them to exchange multimedia data in online environments.

Today’s video conferencing systems are widely used in business environment and beyond. Video conferencing offers a series of undoubted advantages: considerable time and cost saving for employees’ trips and avoidance of traffic jams in big cities. Instead of having to spend hours in traffic jams, flights or long journeys, due to video conferencing systems you can discuss important issues with the partner staying in your office just as well as during the personal meeting. Also, the use of video conferencing provides an opportunity to act and make decisions quickly in critical cases. Video conferencing has already yielded great results and provides maximum efficiency in resource allocation in many public and commercial enterprises.

In order to introduce video conferencing, manager (decision-maker) of an organization has to determine the main goal of its application: holding meetings, recruitment, quick decision-making, monitoring, distance training, medical consultation, court sessions, witness interviews, etc. It will help to determine the type of video conferencing system or solution you need to pay attention to in order to meet the stated goal and requirements.

There are a lot of configurations and forms of organization of video conferencing in your office using different connection methods. Our company offers free consultation services for selection of video conferencing systems.

InfoTel Group can offer video conferencing systems of the following manufacturers:

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