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The training centre of UNIFY (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) for enterprise communications was founded in 2005 and is located in Kiev. In 2009, it was certified by UNIFY’s central institute in Munich as a local training center in the field of enterprise networks and systems in Ukraine.

The local training center in Kiev is a part of a worldwide network of UNIFY Academy and as of 2007 has been its official partner.

You can get the information about our local training center by visiting UNIFY’s international website: https://academy.unify.com/enweb/cms/index.php?id=2043&lang=EN

The UNIFY Academy training center provides a variety of programs for technicians, design managers and sales managers, heads of information and telecommunication technologies departments in the field of enterprise communication systems based on HiPath/OpenScape  .

Training programs include both standard and special courses covering the most important aspects of the new technologies of data transfer, system design, installation, programming and maintenance.

Adapted to the requirements of customers, long-term and specialized professional improvement courses allow graduates to independently solve a wide range of tasks in the creation and integrated development of information management systems. To implement the optimal maintenance and usage policies for small, medium and large enterprise networks.

The UNIFY Academy training center has the latest switching equipment offered by UNIFY in Ukraine, as well as equipment which has been in use by customers for a long time.

Classrooms are equipped with computer networks and advanced multimedia teaching tools.

Lecturers include certified teachers and leading specialists with extensive experience of field and methodological work. Thanks to close cooperation with the central institute in Munich, courses and training materials are constantly updated as soon as newer equipment is introduced.

The training center provides information and consulting support to UNIFY’s partners in Ukraine.

The training center in Kiev is the only official partner of the UNIFY Academy in Ukraine authorized to issue official company certificates.

If you have any questions about the Training Center housed by InfoTel please contact Vladimir Melnichuk at +38 (044) 520 2030


To sign up for a course, please fill in the registration form on our website.

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