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About ZyXEL

About ZyXEL

Corp. ZyXEL Communications is a leading developer of network solutions based on Internet technologies. Founded in 1989, headquartered in the city of Xinzhou (Taiwan). It includes activities: solutions for broadband access, solutions for universal convergent networks (NGN) and network security, as well as equipment for digital home. 

The staff of the company amounts to more than three thousand people. Creating a new product comes in 150 countries, engaged in three R&D centers. ZyXEL company quickly adapt to the demands of any project offers highly competitive products and solutions that can build a long and fruitful relationship with customers thanks to the tremendous experience gained over more than 20 years of development, and has established partnerships with the major chipset manufacturers.

On the territory of the former Soviet Union ZyXEL  started working in 1992. Fully adapt their products to local conditions. Active development of the affiliate network of today more than 230 systems integrators and resellers have enabled ZyXEL to quickly take a leading position in the market of telecommunications equipment. 

The company became famous for its dial up-modems. Currently, the most popular is the DSL-equipment from ZyXEL, in particular ADSL-modems and Internet centers. A distinctive feature of professional equipment ZyXEL is a private network scalable real time operating system ZyNOS (ZyXEL Network Operating System), which was successfully applied in today's Internet home appliances company. The first version of the system ZyNOS was released in 1998 as a competitor to the successful operating system Cisco IOS (Cisco Internetwork Operating System).

Keys to success by ZyXEL:

  • Reliance on the network operating system of its own design ZyNOS along with the active development of branded customized Linux-based platforms ZLD (ZyXEL Linux Distribution) and NDMS (Network Device Management System), ensuring rapid integration of new technologies in the production and sale of a single, unified interface configuration, diagnosis and management;
  • Close cooperation with telecom operators, including the production of specialized devices designed for their specific needs and requirements.
  • Close interaction with customers, really working personal professional support, as opposed to an open forum.
  • The strategic focus on technology and types of access the Internet.

Official Website: http://www.zyxel.com

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