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Офис компании Digium (Asterisk)

Digium Inc. - a company, which developed a platform IP-telephony with the open source software Asterisk, a manufacturer of computer telephony interface cards that are compatible with this platform. The company was founded by Mark Spencer, who occupies the post of Technical Director.

The company regularly, twice a year, is organizing a conference Astricon, which involves a large number of developers and users of Asterisk. At the autumn conference Astricon in 2007 was announced the acquisition of Switchvox, engaged in development of IP-PBX, based on Asterisk.

Asterisk - it is open source software for building communication applications. In combination with the necessary equipment has all the capabilities exchange, as well as by supporting multiple VoIP - protocols, Asterisk software solution can work with virtually any IP-telephony equipment.

Логотип Digium | AsteriskWe offer the following solutions Asterisk:

  1. IP PBX - IP PBX installation with traditional functions and the ability to solve specific problems.
  2. Media & VoIP Gateway - as media gateways and VoIP connectivity to traditional PBX ITSP providers or Skype, which provide IP-telephony services.
  3. Call Center - the installation contact center for all applications, including specific.

Main applications Asterisk, which we are introducing:

Схема возможностей Digium (Asterisk)

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