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Local networks and IT infrastructure - turnkey corporate solutions

Local area network  (LAN – Local Area Network) exchange of information between computers, access to various information resources on the Internet. Local area network LAN can be integrated into a single information space of computers, servers, telephones, peripherals not only within a single office, but also in territorially remote offices. You can work without a computer network. However, it is inconvenient to exchange files with the help of disks and flash drives, line up with a printer, and realize Internet access from just one computer. Physical data exchange between computers can be done via a special cable, telephone line, fiber-optic cable or radio channel. However, since data exchange takes place between all computers, the key elements of a local area network are:

  • Active network equipment (switches, routers and accessories);
  • Passive network equipment, or SCS (structured cabling system) (cables, switchboards, cabinets, stands and accessories);
  • Network screens for security and information protection;
  • Server device.

We offer active network equipment installation, maintenance and service from the world's leading manufacturers.


Huawei  Dell   Alcatel-Lucent

Our company specialists can not only design and select equipment models for each specific task and corporate local network structural element with optimal technical characteristics, but also install and run the developed technical solution for delivery in a fully prepared form.

Why it's worth opting for InfoTel:

  • Since 2004 we have been implementing telecommunication and information solutions.
  • We use a systemic approach in practice - we analyze the existing infrastructure, design, implement systems and serve them.
  • License for installation of engineering networks.
  • We are partners with world-renowned manufacturers of active networking devices such as Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, and whose product line contains all the elements necessary for corporate local area networking and centralized management (Network Management System).

In the product catalog you can find most of the types of devices we use when working. Retail prices are indicated in the catalog. Contact our sales department for complete information and design discounts.

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