Air conditioning and ventilation

InfoTel offers a wide range of reliable solutions in the field of air conditioning, household, industrial and commercial ventilation.

Providing storage facilities with fresh air is one of the most important problems in view of the deteriorating environmental conditions. In addition, air quality is of great importance in medicine (operating and maternity units), in the manufacture of electronics and other high-tech products.

Air conditioning systems - Continuous automatic protection of all or individual parameters of air (temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, speed of air movement) in closed rooms to ensure the optimal meteorological conditions that are most favorable (favorable) and comfortable for human mood, technology and mood, to ensure the storage of values.

The use of air conditioners has become so entrenched in our lives that we can no longer imagine the comfort and coziness of a home or work mood without it.

Installation and timely maintenance of ventilation systems in industrial and commercial fields is a mandatory requirement. In addition to objective necessity, there are state norms that must be observed. In view of all the above, you should carefully choose and organize the ventilation system in your enterprise.

Кондиционирование и вентиляция

It is currently common to design air conditioning and ventilation systems at the architectural design stage.

We will help you figure out the variety of air conditioning and ventilation systems, select and design any air conditioning and ventilation systems for specific tasks.

We offer and introduce innovative solutions in the field of air conditioning:

  • Industrial (precision)
  • Semi-industrial
  • Household


      Кондиционирование и вентиляция  Кондиционирование и вентиляция     Кондиционирование и вентиляция


We offer ventilation equipment:

  • Axial fans
  • Fans for round ducts
  • Fans for rectangular and square channels
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Roof fans
  • Explosion-proof fans
  • Fans for aggressive environments

вентиляционное оборудование SystemairBased on our experience working with a variety of devices, we rely on Systemair manufacturer's ventilation devices in our solutions.

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