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"Flexible" office with IP-intercom from the 2N company


Today, many companies and representative offices are placed in large buildings with many rooms, it is convenient for employees, but the man who came to the meeting, can easily get lost. And suddenly, secretary or administrator will not appear on the spot? The guest can only wait and look at all of the available rooms thereby disrupting workflow. To avoid such situations will help IP-Intercom 2N, which will connect the visitor at the moment with the right person.

IP-Intercom 2N is easy to install, for example, at the front door. This made no matter where currently is secretary or administrator, thanks to VoIP-connection, it can respond to the visitor and let him into the building, not only from your desk phone, but also from mobile phone or tablet. IP-Intercom by 2N gives you maximum flexibility along with the highest level of security and control access to the building.

If you continue to doubt whether the needs in your office IP-Intercom 2N, we suggest you review two short video demonstrating the difference in the work of the office which is not equipped with door communication and office with installed IP-intercom 2N.

Office without IP-Intercom 2N

Office with IP-intercom 2N

About 2N on our website: https://infotel.ua/en/2n-telekomunikace/

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