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LED-lighting in sales areas


To make buyers feel comfortable in your store, wanted to to shop and back again and again, be sure to take care of the right LED-lighting. Even the best products lose their attraction in the light of dim lamps. Smartly drawn up and implemented plan of LED-lighting will increase the flow of customers and increase sales effectiveness.

LED lighting in sales areas

All commercial lighting projects are different, but they are united by a number of important principles:

  1. Attracting attention and flow control. In order to direct customers on the desired route in your sales area, to submit to them, in the first place, new products or certain categories of topical products from the entire range - must be correctly placed the LED-lamps.
  2. Accents. In some sales areas, the main role is played by accent (spot) LED-lighting, for example, in the sale of jewelry, where it is necessary to highlight small objects in the best possible way. Being close to your shop window, the buyer definitely first pay attention to the wonderful products, skillfully highlighted by light accents, and only then to your shop window as a whole.
  3. The color scheme or coloring. Choosing the right "temperature» LED-lighting is especially important in the sales area, where are located the food (fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.), because in the eyes of the buyer they need to look like the most appetizing. To emphasize the attractiveness of the range of products will help warm color light, it will make all the colors more "live" and juicy.

It is equally important to calculate the number of lamps to your sales area, their type, power, light output, and much more. Company InfoTel ready to assist you at all stages - from the settlement to start. We create professional LED-lighting projects, using only high-quality equipment that meets current safety standards. We will come to your object to discuss your needs and draw up a detailed plan, and then will agree an estimate for the equipment, optimize your expenses, we perform the delivery, installation and commissioning of the LED-lighting system in your sales area.

Please contact us, we will select the best solution for you!

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