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Congratulations with the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Dear defenders of Ukraine! The soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers!

Desember 6 - Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite the relatively small history of Ukrainian troops, real age Ukrainian army is several centuries and its fighting traditions were formed in severe bloody wars and conflicts from Kievan Rus to the Great Patriotic War. And today, the soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with dignity the traditions of their fathers and grandfathers. Not all are now, unfortunately, understandthe value of their own army, whose purpose to protect the sovereignty and independence of the state from the encroachments of external aggressors. Do you want to live in peace - prepare for war, says a wise proverb. Army - this is one of the main elements of a stable and steady development of the Ukrainian state.

Congratulations to all the servicemen with the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and wish you to overcome the difficulties of military life, strong health and fulfillment of all your desires and wishes. 

The team InfoTel Group.

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