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Determine the Platan product, which appropriate to size of the customer’s business


Check out the booklet to help choose the most suitable solution for your customer. Here you will find various configurations of modern communication services for small and large companies.

On the first page is a list of the main functions of a modern PBX, which are implemented in decisions Platan. It also shows the special features inherent in the equipment is only Platan (gradually being introduced at major branded vendors), for example, built-in IVR, CLIP on all ports, built-in conference and voice recording, and more.

On the second page there is a table of appropriateness PBX Servers Platan to size and scope of business of the customer. The main parameters here are the limits of the configuration of ports and connectivity options for carriers and devices for PBX subscribers. Also shown are the benefits of moving from the solutions for "small" business to the "mid-major" - common software and devices for users that will make this transition quite "not noticeable" for users - from PBX Server Proxima to more capacious PBX Server Libra. Also shown is the possibility of expanding the total capacity of the PBX.

We wish you a successful business, waiting for your calls, always happy to help.

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