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About Mitsubishi Heavy

About Mitsubishi Heavy

Mitsubishi Heavy - Japanese company, a member of the Mitsubishi Group. Over the years, the company has come a long way, integrating the management and specialized technical knowledge of each of its divisions and is constantly trying to improve the competitiveness of both the domestic and international markets.

Credo Mitsubishi Heavy consists in the following:

Air conditioners Mitsubishi Heavy is a Japanese quality, a wide range of models, premium design and a reasonable price. All this makes air conditioning systems Mitsubishi Heavy is very popular in the market. The line of products have a variety of configurations and feature sets.

All products manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy, as well as factories producing it, certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, have certificates of conformity with EU standards.

ISO900 certificate confirms that the production process is accompanied by quality control accordingly to international standards and ISO1400 certificate shows that the company is attentive to the environment and rational use of its resources.

InfoTel company is ready to offer you different models of climate systems Mitsubishi Heavy for use in the home and industry. Here you can not only buy air-conditioning, but also order its delivery and installation in the short term, in addition, we provide regular servicing of all installed air conditioners.

Official Website: http://www.mhi-global.com/

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