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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) is a hardware and software package (video cameras, camera lenses, monitors, recorders and other equipment) intended for organization of video monitoring at both local and territorially distributed sites. Nowadays video surveillance is an integral element of any modern security system.

A Video Surveillance system consists of three main parts:

  1. DVR, which is a single- or multi-channel device for recording of video and audio information. As a rule, the information is recorded to the hard disk drive (HDD) 
  2. Video cameras 
  3. Monitor, which is a display device 

Area of application: storage facilities, supermarkets, banks, office centres, manufacturing enterprises, etc.

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Main tasks solved by means of video surveillance:

Nowadays video surveillance systems allow organizing video control of objects of any complexity, and operating personnel do not require high qualification to work on it. Both DVRs and ordinary computers with video adapter boards are used as recorders. The advantages of video recorders include functions of quad splitter (multicomplex), motion video detector, video recorder, etc. Also modern video recorders are equipped with a network and modem interface allowing video data transmission through IP protocol. Unlike the DVR system, the PC-based architecture has the wider range of functional capabilities, high productivity and archives capacity, as well as user-familiar PC interface.

Also noteworthy are network or IP video surveillance systems based on IP-cameras as the competitive alternative to the video surveillance. Such systems do not require laying of additional telecommunication lines; data transmission is performed through the network infrastructure based on IP protocol. System control and administration is performed from any computer with network access and special software. Today IP cameras are much more expensive than analogue cameras, but if the pace of production development will remain the same, they will shortly become more affordable.

Choosing a camera


In most cases the surveillance camera type is defined by the requirements made to the video surveillance system. At the same time the black-and-white cameras are usually used in CCTV. As a rule, such cameras have high sensitivity and high screen resolution. Colour surveillance cameras are used in CCTV systems of sites for which colour surveillance is one of the main requirements. They have lower resolution and sensitivity in comparison with black-and-white cameras but allow better identification of a surveillance object. In order to increase colour camera sensitivity, the surveillance systems of some manufacturers automatically switch to the black-and-white mode to reduce illumination. If you want people not to draw attention to the camera, you can use mini black-and-white or colour cameras.

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