Web Collaboration - an easy way to organize video conferencing

Web Collaboration - простой путь организации видеоконференций

One of the most important factors that affects the development of human civilization is the ability to adapt to environmental conditions. The pandemic has severely limited our ability to communicate in real life, but the development of technology has provided new opportunities for online socialization. For many, remote work has become a new norm of life, and employers are forced to take into account the current situation and take measures to ensure that these norms do not have a negative impact on the workflow.

So Google figured out what to do with offices and employees. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that 20% of employees will work from home all the time, and another 20% will return to work in new offices. The remaining 60% will work in their offices, as it was before the pandemic. At the same time, the company will operate a "hybrid" working week, when an employee must be in the office for 3 days, and 2 — work from where it is convenient for him. In addition, with the permission of the manager, each employee will have the opportunity to work remotely for up to 4 weeks a year.

As we can see from the information above, many companies adapt to the challenges that arise in the covid and post-covid periods. The key factor for such adaptation is safe and reliable communication between employees both in the office and outside it.

Today there are many proposals for solutions for organizing remote work. Which one should you choose?

If you are looking for a fairly simple and reliable solution for reasonable money, then you should pay attention to OpenScape Web Collaboration - a scalable, secure and highly reliable solution for joint communications from Atos (formerly Siemens, then Unify), one of the European leaders in the voice services market.

Web Collaboration - простой путь организации видеоконференций

Do you need to clarify a client's request or solve an IT problem of a remote worker? Atos Unify OpenScape Web Collaboration offers a simple and easy-to-use solution for such tasks. Scalable and secure, it is an affordable Web-based solution for holding one or more web conferences for enterprises of any size. There are several clients available to choose from, such as Windows, macOS, and mobile clients for smartphones and tablets. Up to 1000 participants can conduct webinars, trainings, project meetings, meetings on commercial issues and product demonstrations. Also, by providing access and control over a remote user's computer, you can offer a support service for employees and customers around the world. All this is the flexibility of the OpenScape Web Collaboration solution.

Key Features of OpenScape Web Collaboration

Starting a session from any application:

                                                                                                               Web Collaboration - простой путь организации видеоконференций        Web Collaboration - простой путь организации видеоконференций

The main advantages of the solution

Who can benefit from OpenScape Web Collaboration?

Any company that wants to reduce costs and increase productivity and improve the collaboration of its employees, because OpenScape Web Collaboration:

Why OpenScape Web Collaboration?

                                                                                                    Web Collaboration - простой путь организации видеоконференций   Web Collaboration - простой путь организации видеоконференций

OpenScape Web Collaboration is high-performance collaboration and secure support from anywhere. In real time from almost any device, colleagues, partners and customers can come together to share ideas and exchange information.

Atos Unify OpenScape Web CollaborationAtos is an international leader in the field of digital transformation with an annual turnover of more than 11 billion euros and the number of employees of 105,000 people. Atos provides high-tech integrated solutions in the field of consulting, system integration, managed services and business process outsourcing, cloud computing, security and big data management for all industries in 71 countries around the world.

You can get advice on Atos products and solutions from InfoTel, a partner of Atos Unify in Ukraine, a system integrator of telecommunications and information solutions since 2004.

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