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Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software. With an open platform, this video management software integrates with the largest number of cameras and best-in-class business solutions.

Danish company Milestone Systems is part of the Canon group of companies and is the world's leading provider of open platform video management software.

Milestone Systems focuses on the development of Video Management Software (VMS) for IP video surveillance and is the founder of the "open platform" concept (open platform VMS), which allows you to build an IP video surveillance system and an integrated security system of any scale and complexity using IP cameras, video analytics, IP encoders , IP controllers, IoT devices, network equipment, servers, network recorders and data storage systems from various manufacturers.

Along with the software, Milestone products include the Husky IVO series of servers for video systems from 20 to 250 channels. Support for ONVIF/PSIA standards and integration of plug-ins, protocols and components via the MIP SDK allow Milestone software to interoperate with other systems, as well as work with a wide range of over 10,800 models of IP equipment, including network cameras from many popular brands. The functionality and reliability of the free and licensed versions of the software are confirmed by many prestigious awards and more than 500,000 client installations.

Support for IP cameras and video servers from many manufacturers

All Milestone XProtect and Husky IVO products support thousands of IP cameras, including those with video analytics, DVRs and video servers from Avigilon, AXIS, Bosch, GANZ, Pelco a Motorola Solutions Company, WISENET, Smartec and over 150 other brands. Milestone software and servers work seamlessly with ONVIF and PSIA compliant IP hardware, and the installer includes a Single Computer option to automatically install all server components and applications on a single computer, detect cameras on the network, and connect them to the system. XProtect software has limitless integration possibilities. Milestone software databases can receive data from checkout terminals, vending machines, video analytics modules, access control systems, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Opportunity to choose the optimal Milestone XProtect solution

The XProtect software platform is a powerful and user-friendly video surveillance tool that provides an effective solution to the problems of risk reduction, protection of people and property, incident investigation, optimization of work and enterprise resources, cost reduction, and more. Milestone XProtect offers based on 5 core products, balanced for different segments market: XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.A wide range allows you to choose software that fully meets the needs of each customer and has the best ratio of price and functionality. Milestone Care provides you with the ability to receive technical support and updates to your software as releases are made, at no additional cost. Along with this, Care allows you to profitably increase system performance by upgrading to a more powerful version of the program with partial or full offset of the cost of previously installed software. You can modify your video surveillance system and expand its functionality with the help of a variety of verified applications and services available through the Milestone Marketplace.

Fully Featured Unlicensed Components

All XProtect software packages support three proprietary video access interfaces. The Milestone XProtect Smart Client application gives you full control over the entire system, including the ability to configure IP cameras and how they react to alarm events. The user-friendly and intuitive Milestone XProtect Web Client web interface provides instant access to video surveillance data via networked computers or laptops. It is equipped with an alarm manager and allows the user to view detailed lists of incidents and fragments of video taken from an alarm, as well as manage the status and priority of events. The free Milestone Mobile utility is used to view video streams from anywhere in the world via smartphones and tablets, as well as to play and export video files.

XProtect Essential+ Free Entry Box Solution

Powered by the Corporate core, this Milestone IP Surveillance Management System (VMS) management software demonstrates the benefits of an open platform and is ideal for private homes, small cafes and convenience stores. The full-featured 8-channel version of XProtect Essential+ software with unlimited use is available for free download on the official Milestone Systems website and contains all the necessary tools for simple and convenient viewing, recording, searching, playing and exporting video. This software, like other products developed by Milestone, is optimized to run on a 64-bit MS Windows operating system.


Low-cost XProtect Express+ software for managing video systems in small buildings

Supporting up to 48 cameras and 5 simultaneous connections, the software is an affordable video management solution for businesses that need an easy way to integrate video monitoring into existing business processes. Third party applications (such as analytics and access control systems) can be integrated directly into Milestone XProtect Express+ software. The unified interface allows you to quickly master the program, and also simplifies the process of managing and configuring equipment. This package is ideal for merchants, thanks to the support of additional features developed by Milestone specifically for linking transaction data to video in order to optimize store performance.

Advanced Software - Milestone XProtect Professional+

The comprehensive XProtect Professional+ software supports multiple servers and is recommended for surveillance systems in medium-sized facilities (museums, hospitals, universities), including those located in several buildings. This version of the Milestone software provides a complete visual overview of the video system with interactive maps showing the location of the equipment within the monitored area. Alarms are also graphed for quick source identification, and Milestone XProtect Professional+'s Smart Search feature helps you quickly find incident footage and export it for evidence.

XProtect Expert is a powerful platform for large-scale projects

The Milestone XProtect Expert package is designed for centralized administration of large multi-server systems, including geographically dispersed ones (in stadiums, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.). This software includes a high performance recording server that allows you to run an unlimited number of cameras on less hardware. Milestone XProtect Expert's user-friendly, flexible rule configuration features allow you to customize and automate customer's security logic based on schedules and events to improve the security performance of video surveillance and reduce manual interventions for operators. Together with multilayer interactive site maps and an integrated alarm manager.

XProtect Corporate Software for Advanced IP Video Surveillance

Convenient and intuitive means of administration, management and navigation of the high-performance Milestone XProtect Corporate platform will be in demand in especially large video systems with a large number of servers and facilities equipped with thousands of IP cameras (hypermarket chains, international airports, urban territorial entities, etc.), and the built-in Smart Wall module is used to create video walls from an arbitrary number of monitors. Federated Architecture technology is used to manage independent Milestone XProtect Corporate systems and is recommended for use in projects of the size of the Safe City program. The Interconnect concept makes it possible to combine any Milestone products within one system in order to save resources of an IP video surveillance system.

Hardware and software solutions

The Milestone Husky IVO series video servers are a solid platform with XProtect software pre-installed and can be used with any available license. This product line includes 6 models with different performance, throughput from 150 to 1800 Mbps, service support from 20 to 250 channels and storage capacity from 16 to 384 TB. The IVO 150D and IVO 350T/350R models are suitable for smaller sites such as shops, warehouses and petrol stations. Video servers IVO 700R and IVO 1000R are in demand at facilities that require constant video recording and backup (schools, hospitals, shopping and logistics centers). The most powerful hardware-software complex IVO 1800R, which has a maximum throughput, is designed for critical facilities (international airports, railway stations and urban areas).

Additional Milestone products

Optional XProtect software modules integrate seamlessly into Milestone VMS to provide powerful video surveillance and business intelligence solutions for retail, transportation, urban surveillance and more. The XProtect Rapid REVIEW analytics application is designed to accelerate video viewing, search and analysis. XProtect Access allows you to connect an access control system directly to a VMS. The XProtect License Plate Recognition (LPR) module provides license plate recognition for various countries, including Russia. XProtect Transact extracts transactional data from POS terminals, barcode scanners, and other systems and associates it with the appropriate video. The XProtect Retail utility allows you to optimize the work of retail stores.

Over 500,000 installations of Milestone XProtect software worldwide


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