Video conferencing systems

Виды видеоконференций

Video conferencing - a meeting, methodical meeting, or relationship between people who are in different places and use video technology as the main channel of communication. In addition, two-way audio and one-way or two-way - video transmission.

Types of video-conference

There are four main types of video conferencing:

  • point - point,
  • Symmetric group (with multiple points),
  • Selective meeting
  • Web conference.

Video call - the simplest type of video conference, which allows two participants to see and listen to each other, as well as exchange various information using special means.

Group video conference (symmetrical) - This is a video conference that takes place simultaneously with three or more participants. In this type of conference, each participant can see and hear all the participants, as well as all participants can see and hear it. Such conferences are most often provided by video server means, which is a kind of bridge to connect several video sources. Their role can be played by video conferencing terminals or rabbis. Servers for video conferencing can be software or hardware.

Selective Meeting - This is a video conference that is held simultaneously with a large number of participants. There are three roles in a given type of conference: presenter, speaker, and speaker. In addition, any participant sees and hears only the presenter, speaker and speaker from the hall, at the same time he / she can be a speaker or speaker

Webinar - This is a video conference used to organize live meetings or presentations over the Internet. Each participant of such a video conference sits in front of his / her own computer and is connected to the other participants of the conference via Internet through Client-Server technology. The client is a user program that is pre-downloaded to a computer, or a web-based application (such as Flash or Java). In this case, the webinar has a feature when one participant (presenter) broadcasts a video conference to all the others, with the possibility of receiving feedback.

Advantages of  communicating using video conferencing:

  • From a psychological point of view: the video-conference process involves more sense organs than during telephone communication (not only hearing but also sight, which allows for more understanding between the participants compared to a normal telephone relationship);
  • In terms of economy: it is possible to achieve maximum attendance of video conference participants from their workplaces without interruption (resulting in financial savings in organizing the transportation costs of all participants). As studies have shown, the introduction of Internet-like video conferencing technology can save up to 6 hours per week;
  • In terms of convenience: Video conferencing is as easy to use as a telephone connection.

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