Grandstream Networks

Grandstream Networks is a company with a worldwide reputation, one of the five largest manufacturers of telecommunications equipment VoIP (IP-telephony and IP -videonablyudenie). Founded in 2002, the headquarters is located in Boston (USA), with production facilities in China (Shenzhen). The equipment, which is manufactured by Grandstream Networks, used the SIP. Grandstream Networks honored with many prestigious awards and prizes.

His production company began with the release VoIP adapters, which quickly gained popularity due to the low price and reliability. Immediately after the adapters were first IP-phones for use at home. In 2005-2006Grandstream Networks is developing a new segment - Equipment for small and medium-sized businesses in the portfolio of products appear VoIP gateways, SIP telephone sets for office and videophones. The company is gaining momentum and enters the international market.


Grandstream Networks

The year 2008 was a landmark for Grandstream, where was presented the first IP-PBX, which received very good reviews and meet the desires of consumers. Since 2008, the portfolio of products Grandstream is a unified solution without the involvement of other manufacturers' equipment. 2009 to 2013, the company is actively working to expand its range by launching the production of IP-based cameras CCTV.

In 2014, the company is updating the entire range of a number of SIP-devices for office and videophones, equipping them with modern technology HD audio and much more. In 2015, the market has a new IP-PBX built on an advanced hardware platform and revolutionary software functionality. IP-PBX UCM6510 has a large capacity, supports up to 2,000 users, 200 concurrent calls, and was the created especially for networks for E1, T1.

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