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Interface PMS

The Property Management System (PMS) is the heart of any hotel, as is the ERP system of any organization. Tight integration between the PMS and the communications system is desirable so that guests can start using the communications systems as soon as they arrive at their rooms, and help the hotel administration fix call charges and other billing activities.
In simple terms, it turns the hotel's basic communications system into a business productivity tool, allowing guests to be informed at any time and use features such as wake-up calls and do not disturb, as well as reserve various services using the phone provided in the room.

Features and functions

  • Allows you to bar, cancel call barring, manage the waiting time of an incoming call for each number at check-in-check-out
  • Intelligent management console.
  • Monitoring of payment of calls in real time.
  • Publish messages to PBX in real time, such as check-in, check-out, call charge publication, room status, message waiting, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of internal calls.
  • Setting Group Do Not Disturb Calls and Alarm
  • Alerting hotel staff about an interface publication error.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Automatic night audit and automatic printing of the night audit report (preset time).
  • Voice confirmation.
  • Automatic awakening.
  • Minibar Posting.
  • Room status update.
  • Guest contact center.
  • Updating guest information in real time.
  • Synchronized guest information popup when answering guest calls.
  • An interface to an internal paging system for instant paging of service request details to a performer.
  • Allows hotel guests to receive their folio, text message, weather forecast, foreign currency, set and cancel wake-up calls.


For a complete consultation regarding the implementation of property management systems (PMS) for your company, please contact our office.

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