PBX – a private branch exchange. Today, the old system of PBX (automatic telephone exchange) was replaced by IP-PBX - a multifunctional telephone system that switches voice and video calls from the IP network, in which voice and video data are transmitted in the form of streaming data (IP packets).

This type of phones is similar in functionality to the traditional PBX, but has more capabilities.

Advantages over the old PBX system

  1. It is easier to install and support than a traditional telephone system.
  2. Easy to manage due to the convenience of the graphical user interface, which is available through a web browser or Windows console.
  3.  Saving funds Thanks to VoIP operators, the connection is direct.
  4. No telephone cables required.
  5.  Not tied to the specified vendor of the device as standard and open SIP protocol is used.
  6. Excellent scaling.
  7. Quality customer service and high productivity of employees.
  8.  Premium class functionality at a moderate price. Using the same device, you can add new features at any time after paying an additional fee for their use.
  9.  "Transparent" movement of devices and users. IP Phone can be used in any place convenient for you.
  10.  Convenient interface and enhanced user interface capabilities.

Principles of operation of IP-PBX

The principle of operation of such an IP-PBX, or as it is also called, a corporate telephone IP-system, is quite simple. It includes an ATC software server, several SIP phones and a VoIP rabbi to connect to existing telephone networks.

The ATC server acts in the same way as a mail server - SIP clients register on the server and notify it when they want to make a call. According to the information taken from the catalog, the ATC switches the users inside the system, routing the incoming calls to the required SIP device and routing the outgoing calls to the appropriate VoIP rabbi or VoIP provider.

инсталяция IP-АТС

Types of IP-PBX

  • Virtual branch exchange;
  •  Hardware branch exchange;
  •  Software branch exchange.

Virtual IP-PBX

Customers are given access to management options at a set rate, at which they pay an additional fee in case of need to expand the functionality.

The virtual exchange has all the functions of IP telephony without the purchase of a device, and SIP telephones are included for work.

In this case it is necessary to have a device with pre-installed software. Specialists put in a separate block the equipment that connects to the computer network.

Hardware IP-PBX

In given case it is necessary to have a device with pre-installed software. Specialists put in a separate block the equipment that connects to the computer network.

The expansion of the company should be considered when purchasing the device, as the productivity of the equipment is limited, the functional capabilities are defined, and the scaling is inefficient.

Software telephones (SIP) are also required for operation

Software IP-PBX

Specialists install software on the company's computer (server). Such a telephone exchange allows for additional functionality by installing additional port expansion ports, as well as substantially expanding its capabilities by connecting to existing digital and analog ports.

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