Snom - VoIP нового поколения

Snom - VoIP new generation

Snom - VoIP нового поколенияExcellent sound quality

Sound design is an art at Snom. It is at the heart of the development and includes some of the world's most advanced sound enhancement tools.

Complex software

Snom software has been continuously evolving and improving for 15 years. With over 900 features and customization options, Snom software is powerful, flexible and versatile.

Designed in Germany

Snom's values ​​are based on their origins: they strive for excellence in IP telephony. They achieve this through attention to detail and solutions that are elegant, practical, inexpensive and offer excellent sound quality.

Snom technology. Quality IP solutions

Audio technology

Over the years, with acoustic expertise, Snom has continuously improved the sound quality of its devices by combining the latest DSP algorithms with VoIP signaling skills. In particular, they solved various problems inherent in VoIP technology, such as processing delays, network delays, packet loss and noise. 
It is this attention to detail during the design phase that creates differences in voice quality in phones. 
Snom uses a wide range of tools and software to test IP phones during the design phase to ensure they provide customers with the best possible quality in accordance with the latest telecommunications requirements.

Design for business

Качественные IP-решения, Аудио технологииA business phone should work in a wide variety of locations and in a wide variety of business situations, whether it be at the front desk, call center, busy office, boardroom, hallway, warehouse, or branch

Additional requirements for a modern business phone are convenient features for day-to-day use, such as hold, redo when busy, conferencing, multi-line monitoring or busy indicator, call forwarding, or conveniently call contacts from your contacts list.

It should integrate easily into office processes, require few instructions, and be simple and easy to use. 
To meet these requirements, Snom has developed a feature set that covers every conceivable office scenario: Snom phones have more 700 settings that can be combined to ensure maximum comfort in your daily work.

Design technology

Snom analyzes and evaluates the human, technological and economic factors that affect the success of a product from a customer perspective. 
Teams of young and experienced designers develop innovative and user-friendly design solutions that stand out for their extraordinary originality and give the brand the necessary authenticity. Worldwide awards confirm the success of Snom in this area. 
The design at Snom is thought out to the smallest detail, their attentiveness and accuracy during the design process show how much they value their customers.


Snom only uses sophisticated technologies like TFT and FSTN in their displays. Their high resolution color displays are made from thin film transistor (TFT) LCDs to provide enhanced properties such as pixel control and good contrast values, wide viewing angles, low color shift and good transmission performance. 

All displays used by Snom are selected for their durability and stability; they can withstand certain electrostatic discharges and power outages without damage.

Quality designed in Germany

Snom has been one of the pioneers of IP telephony since its founding in 1996 and prides itself on developing new high quality solutions since then. Snom places great emphasis on safe, functional and durable products - quality you can rely on.

Industrial Design

Качественные IP-решения Аудио технологииSnom is committed to excellence. Thus, industrial design is a central part of the research and development process for new products. 
Product specifications in Snom's design guidelines include aspects such as overall object design, positioning of parts relative to each other, colors, structures, shapes and aspects of device use such as sound, keyboard and lighting. 
Snom is aimed at discerning users looking for a VoIP phone that combines a wide range of features with an exclusive timeless design.


Semiconductor technology

Before the company's engineers develop a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) for VoIP phones, they contact system architects in the semiconductor industry. Features such as B. Ethernet switches are designed in conjunction with transmission bit layer devices (PHYs - physical layer devices), digital data processing (DSP - digital signal processors) and audio devices and are fully integrated into a single chip solution. With a focus on the audio aspects of the SoC architecture, the Snom team ensures the highest possible audio quality in VoIP networks. This includes adhering to our high internal standards for high quality acoustic echo cancellation.

Software technologies

Snom software offers business users many useful features for everyday and special use. 
As technology advances, you can rest assured that Snom will always be one of the first to offer these latest features on their phones. 
Snom uses a modular software development method that allows you to seamlessly support the same firmware on different phone models. 
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