Simultaneous translation systems

Системы синхронного перевода

Simultaneous translation - This is one of the most difficult types of oral translation in which the translator translates into the target language simultaneously with the perception of speaking the original language, as opposed to consistent translation when the translator speaks the pause while speaking the original language. Qualitative performance of this task requires a quality device that can ensure sound transmission without loss of quality

Simultaneous translation is performed using a special device for simultaneous translation. Sometimes a whispering technique is used for the individual listener.

Modern systems of simultaneous translation

The simultaneous translation device allows the foreign speakers to understand the speech of the attendees at international events. For this, a channel is selected on a special receiver in the language required for translation.

There are wireless and wired translation systems depending on the type of distribution of language channels. Wired distributors of language channels are usually installed in movie and concert halls. Here the headphone jacks and the channel selector are embedded in the armrest of each seat. More common and popular are wireless systems, which in turn can be radio frequency and infrared. Both are portable and can be easily installed in any suitable storage.

Simultaneous portable radio frequency systems are used for small and outgoing events / large international meetings preferring infrared emitters because they guarantee confidentiality.

A typical simultaneous translation system consists of the following components:

  • Infrared signal transmitter
  • Central control device ССU
  • Translator remote control
  • Infrared signal receiver
  • Headphones for the receiver
  • Translator remote control

Оборудование синхронного перевода

Infrared signal transmitter

In simultaneous translation system mode, several infrared emitters are installed in the hall, with the aim of transmitting the signal to the receiver devices of the event participants on various pre-installed infrared channels.

Оборудование синхронного перевода

Central control device ССU

The role of the central block is to distribute the signal from the conference system block to the remote channels, the number of which corresponds to the number of simultaneous translators.

Оборудование синхронного перевода

Translator remote control

The signal from the central block of simultaneous translation is delivered to the translator remote control in the translator booth. The translator understands what is being said in the headphones and is translating simultaneous into the microphone attached to the remote control. It is possible to switch the translator remote between incoming channels. The translated speech, which comes from many translators' desks, is distributed on the respective channels of the event receivers. Thus, each participant can listen to the translation of the word in headphones in a language they understand if the receiving device switches to the appropriate channel.

Оборудование синхронного перевода

Оборудование синхронного перевода

Receiver device (selector)

Receives a signal from the distributor through the selected channel of the connection and transmits it to the headphones. The signal can be transmitted with or without a cord. In the latter case the most commonly used infrared range. The language-channel is selected with the appropriate button on the remote control.


Оборудование синхронного перевода

The headphones are used by simultaneous translators and the participants themselves. The former understands the original word of the speaker in the headphones, the latter - a translation from the speaker's language into his native language.

Any manufacturer of simultaneous translation systems strives to make their device as convenient and efficient as possible. Every detail is important in the case of simultaneous translation, as the outcome of the event may depend on the quality of the sound and the information transmitted. Devices from different manufacturers have their pros and cons. Offers individual processing for each individual task.


Оборудование синхронного перевода


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